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Help usher in a whole new approach to governing Bridgeport. Join with us to fight for the brightest future ever. Let’s do it.

Tell us how you want to help.

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If you are somewhere your e-mail is not accessible, feel free to leave a reply below with the same information. It will reach us!

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I am interested in helping with the following:

 __Assisting with general office work
 __Calling voters on the phone
 __Displaying a yard sign
 __Hosting a coffee
 __Listing my name in public endorsements
 __Sending postcards and letters to my network
 __Staffing events
 __Walking my community on behalf of the campaign


2 Responses to Volunteer

  1. Mark Scheck says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I’m Mark Scheck Vice President of the Greater Bridgeport Property Owners Assoc. We would like to invite you our meetings and also would you like see if you would like to have a debate at the Klein with the other candidates. Regards Mark Scheck

    • Mary-Jane Foster says:

      Hi there,

      What date were you planning on having the candidates at the Klein? You can reach me at (203) 726-0461.



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